Plants for tin - Hot-dip tinning lines

Since 1989, OTTO JUNKER has been developing and installing hot-dip tin coating equipment worldwide, mainly for the international connector market.


  • Formation of an intermetallic phase between the tin and the copper-based strip without any additional reflow process
  • Finish with preferred tin whisker mitigation practices according to iNEMI-Recommendations, 12-1-06
  • Use of tin alloys is supported
  • Low energy consumption
  • Broad range of coating gauges
  • Suitable also for coatings thicker than 3 – 4 µm
  • Less porosity than with electrolytic tinning
  • Entire equipment from one source

Additional equipment

  • Reflow furnaces for electrolytic tinning lines

Process technology

As of 2015, facilities are available for determining production parameters on OTTO JUNKER's own test tinning system. Trials can be carried out at the OTTO JUNKER Tech Center, especially in the context of new product launches, quality improvements and production output increases. If you have demand for this service, your enquiries are welcome.

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